Best buy of the day 🐭

Best buy of the day 🐭

I’ve probably earned the right to screw up a few times. I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.
Anonymous: Do you watch "girls"

I watched the first season, then I stopped. Fucking whiny bitches. 

Anonymous: I am the only one who think that Emma and Rupert was having a thing back in Potter days. I don't know in the end they seems very close and share a lot in common like art , both discret and calm ...

idk, i’d like to believe so, but she was with Jay through most of the latter Potter days, so I doubt it. 

Anonymous: No actually the guy have a name , he's a reporter just don't remember his name. But yeah I saw lot and lot of tweets and comment of people she works with even stranger who have met her and say she's really nice. I think it's just that party ain't her thing.

could be it, could also be that he tried to ask her about things she’s not comfortable talking about, or maybe she was in a bad mood, not everyone’s happy and friendly 100% of the time, but it always seems like a big deal when celebrities are having a moment. 

I saw Noah 3 times before it goes out of IMAX tonight to make place for Spiderman. I’m good now. Awesome movie is awesome.

Also i saw Spiderman yesterday morning and it was pretty awesome as well

Anonymous: I have read a article about Emma being a little bit rude and snotty with the guest at Noah after party which is weird because I saw pictures of Emma with the child actor and tweet and all ... What do you think ?

It’s always “someone” or an anonymous source saying Emma’s being rude or unkind, all her costars, people working on projects, photographers and people she’s worked with are always saying how sweet and kind and friendly she is, personally, I tend to believe the people who actually come out and say it instead of vague random “reports”. for every 1 person who’s saying she’s being a diva, there’s 20 saying the complete opposite, I’ll go with what the majority is saying. 

Whoah, these color palette things are getting REALLY old, REALLY fast.